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The most authentic flavors of Taranto meet unexpected vibes, in the co-working area business meets fun and after 5pm the aperitif meets the sunset. Enjoy the sun diving into the sea to give you a panorama of breathtaking colors every day... but, hey, was that really a dolphin jumping in the waves?

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Hunger starts in the morning

Fresh & Colorful, breakfast is serious business. bakery corner, fresh fruit every morning, yogurt... don't worry, there is also focaccia and mozzarella, we are in Puglia, baby!

Breakfast: 6.30 - 10.30

Work ’n’ coffee

Maybe your grandmother won't understand your work, but she will agree with us that there is nothing better than doing it overlooking the sea from our co-working area, meeting new people every day. If we must be honest, however, the best part is always the coffee break... espresso for everyone?

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Choose your… lunch!

Healthy, fast, super local, light or delicious, whatever your idea of a perfect lunch is, we've already taken care of it, so all you have to do is the fun part!

Lunch is served 12.30 - 14.30

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It’s Drink o’ Clock!

Spritz or Gin Tonic, that's the question! It seemed unattainable but it has finally arrived: aperitif time. Choose your favorite cocktail from our drink list and enjoy the sunset...but first the most important decision is still missing: lounge chair or swing?

See you at dinner?

After a whole day spent overlooking the sea, don't you want to stop right now? One look at the menu and one at the moon, now everything is perfect.

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Tender is the night

You managed to survive another crazy day. Now relax, you deserve a prize! A last stop at Orama before going to sleep is just what you need. Make yourself comfortable, choose a drink and enjoy some time all to yourself on our terrace.

Healthy Lunch

La pausa pranzo perfetta esiste, è vista mare ed è da Orama! Primo del giorno + salad Healty brunch + acqua + caffè 18 euro

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